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Additional Grape Characteristics

Here are some general characteristics that each grape can exhibit. These characteristics can be helpful when blind tasting.

Characteristics in parenthesis happen only sometimes, as they are things that the winemaker can manipulate and are secondary characteristics. 





Pinot Grigio - Lime, Lemon, Apple, Pear

Albariño - Lemon Zest, Grapefruit, Honeydew Melon, Salinity

Chenin Blanc - Yellow Apple, Pear, Quince

Grüner Veltliner - Lime, Grapefruit, White Pepper

Sauvignon Blanc - Gooseberry, Grapefruit, Grassy/Herbal

Riesling - Lime, Green Apple, Beeswax, Petrol

Pinot Gris - Lime, Apple, Lemon, Pear

Chardonnay - Yellow Apple, Starfruit, Pineapple (Buttery, Oaky)

Torrontés - Peach, Nectarine, Lemon, Germanium

Viognier - Tangerine, Peach, Mango, Floral

Gewürztraminer - Lychee, Rose, Grapefruit



Gamay - Pomegranate, Blackberry Bramble, Violet

Pinot Noir - Cherry, Raspberry, Mushroom

Zinfandel - Blackberry, Strawberry, Fruit Jam

Sangiovese - Cherry, Roasted Tomato, Oregano

Grenache - Stewed Strawberry, Grilled Plum, Leather

Nebbiolo - Cherry, Rose, Leather

Tempranillo - Cherry, Dried Fig (Cedar, Dill)

Merlot - Cherry, Plum, Chocolate

Malbec - Red Plum, Black Berry, Dark Fruits (Vanilla)

Syrah/Shiraz - Blueberry, Black Plum, Milk Chocolate

Cabernet Sauvignon - Black Cherry, Black Currant, Menthol (Cedar)


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