Feedback For our Next Version!

Hey guys it’s Jess and Cone here, creators of Sommify. We have been floored by your support of our blind wine tasting game and can’t thank you enough for everything! We’re always trying to make our game better, and it’s about time for us smash the order button on another batch of games, so we want to get your feedback!
  • What do you love about it?
  • What do you hate about it?
  • What are you kinda ‘meh’ about are game?
  • Is there anything you’d like to see in the next version?
  • Is there anything you’d cut out of the next version?
  • If you could add any grape or region, which would you add?!
Please leave any of your feedback in the comments or email us at We’re sending out sets of Blinding Bags at random for those that do! We love and appreciate you all.. cheers to vaccinated games in 2021!


  • We love the game. It leads players through the tasting process in a way that is approachable for everyone. More types of Italian and French wines would be great to have, although I’m sure at some point it gets to where there are too many types of wine and not enough of differentiating characteristics so it’s just a guess for most people.

    Definitely more bottle shock cards. We had a mixed reaction where some people wanted to hear the information on them to learn while some said, cut it out and move on. Personally, the education is a big part of the game!

    The scoring needs to change. We have tried some other scoring formats that weight the pre-calls more because that is least impacted by the luck of the roll. The game board isn’t that long so with two dice it can go really fast and be really easy for one person to unlock most of the doors, thus giving them a big advantage in scoring.

    Most of all, we appreciate the tasting guidelines and get our enjoyment from that challenge. The gameboard is secondary.

  • I bought Sommify for my husband for Christmas and we have honestly lost count of the number of times we’ve played. We LOVE it! It’s been such an incredible way to bring people together during this pandemic (we even played with some friends via Zoom—it was difficult but we pulled it off an had a blast!) In terms of improvements, I would definitely say add more wines! My husband has gotten WAY too good at guessing and we need to stump him ;) Also more bottle shock cards would be great, it does sometimes feel like we are cycling through the same ones again (especially when you play as often as we do! lol) Thank you!

    Becky C.
  • Just received the first version but haven’t had the opportunity to play yet. I’m a Scout & Cellar consultant and our groups only drink their brand. At first glance I would say expand the wine options and more fun fact cards. Looking forward to playing!

    Cheri Lipps
  • Love that it gets my friends talking about wine and interested in it! It’s kind of easy to cheat tho (need to kick those friends out of the game)- but still really awesome and fun!


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