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our story

The creator of Sommify, Conner, was known on the streets as “trash palate.” In early 2019, he and wife Jessica decided to get serious about blind tasting, having both been in the wine industry for several years. Students studying for Sommelier or WSET exams often meet weekly for blind tasting groups. The problem: these groups, while effective, are often intimidating, stuffy, or overwhelming. Why couldn't a tasting group be more like a boozy game night? 

To fix this problem, Conner and Jessica started brainstorming ways to make blind tasting less stuffy and more... fun. After a year of prototyping, we believe our game straddles the perfect line of drinking game and info-tainment. It definitely taught blind-tasting well enough that Conner passed both Certified Sommelier (level 2) and WSET III in the fall of 2019! With the addition of brother-in-law Andrew McKee's beautiful design, Sommify was born.

Sommify Wine Tasting Game Founders

Conner Taylor and Jessica Bush (Creators)

Sommify's Creative Director, Andrew McKee 
Andrew McKee (Creative Director)


Email: info@sommify.com • Call us! (706) 313-0842


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