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1. Do I need to purchase wine to play Sommify?

Fortunately, you DO need wine to play Sommify! There is a set list of wines that correlate with game materials, please refer to this list when buying wines. One wine is poured per round, so it's up to you how many wines you want to purchase and how many rounds you want to play! We normally recommend playing with a few friends and have each person go to the store and purchase one bottle. 


2. How do I determine the difference between grapes like Pinot Grigio and Albariño ?

We realize some of the grapes on the Sommify Wine Key have all of the same "calls". We've created a list of additional grape characteristics that can be viewed and downloaded here. This list will help you out in further determining what's in your glass!


3. How do I return/exchange a game?

 For information on how to return a game, please click here.


4. I'm a store/shop and would like to carry the game. Do you offer special Wholesale Pricing?

We love working with wine shops and gift shops! We do offer special wholesale pricing for shops. For more information, please email us at info@sommify.com with "Retail Inquiry" in the subject line. Or give us a call: (706) 313-0842.


5. Do you ship games internationally?

Why yes, we do! We've set up shipping rates for most countries so our Sommify wine game can be enjoyed around the world!


For any additional questions, please email info@sommify.com.


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