5 Steps to Host a Badass Wine Tasting Party

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So you want to host a wine party but don't know where to begin? Don't worry, young drifter! The Somms of Sommify break down everything you need to know to throw the most badass wine bash. We're true believers in Parties-with-Purpose, and a wine tasting is one of the easiest ways to do just that (with minimal effort). Start flexin' that pinky muscle, because it's about to go up!

1. Theme it up

Think about the best parties you've ever attended. Was there a common thread? Chances are, they had a theme! The same is true for a wine tasting party. It can be as simple as "Wines of France" (replete with berets and Mime outfits, of course), or "New World vs. Old World," where you taste European wines (Old World) against Non-European juice (US, Australian, New Zealand, Chile.. etc. etc.). Anything goes, just give your guests a wine-directed purpose.

2. Ask your guests to bring a special wine

As the host, you don't have to provide everything. Your guests are happy to bring a bottle. In fact, it gives them a chance to go all show-and-tell for the group. Giving everyone a theme (step 1) makes this an even easier and more interesting task.

3. What you should provide:

Snacks! Pretty much every cheese marries beautifully with wine. Yes, I'm looking at you, Kraft American Single. Cured meats also make for a fine addition to a wine tasting party. Throw in a few palate-cleansing crackers and you're set.

 4. The 20/20 Rule for Serving Wine

Pro-Tip Alert! Most people serve white wines too cold, and red wines too warm. We've solved this problem with the 20/20 rule. When you're guests are 20-30 minutes out, pop your red wine in the fridge. This is also a good time to take your white wine out. 20 minutes each way brings red wines to their appropriate, cooler temperature, and white wines less frigid so their flavors sing.

 5. Do it all Blind!

Ok, full disclosure: We created a blind wine tasting board game called Sommify, but even if we hadn't, we would recommend blind tasting for your next wine tasting party! It's way less complicated than you think. Simply instruct your guests to bring one bottle wrapped in a brown paper bag (for secrecy) and number or label it. Other party guests can then take turns guessing the secret wines. It will help you learn what you love (and don't love) about particular wines! 

Want to learn how to blind taste with a quickness? Watch the Sommify Tasting Method as a party. it's the simplest & quickest (2 minute) way to learn blind tasting around.



Pro-Pro-Tip: Download & print our Wine Tasting Grid  for your guests and turn the whole affair into a game-- who can call the most wines correctly?

That's it! The rest of the night will flow as beautifully as a well-aged Cabernet into a clear solo cup. Cheers!

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