Sommify's "Host with the Most" Checklist

Sommify makes hosting incredibly easy.

All you need is:
  • Our game ✓
  • Transparent stemware ✓
  • Friends ✓
  • Wine! ✓

There are two ways to provide wine:

  1. "Bring 'em" style: every player (or team) brings one hidden wine from the Playable List. When it is their turn, all other players try to guess their mystery wine
  2. "Host with the Most" style: The host of the game brings all wines and plays "Permanent Somm." A great way to provide these wines is going to a trusted wine shop and showing them our Playable List:

That's it - you're set! We recommend having plain crackers and cheeses around, which make for excellent palate cleansers between wines. 

Questions? Email or Text Conner (me) or Jessica anytime!
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